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Favorite products aren't shown in list on different language layer

Khaing May Thaw
Khaing May Thaw



My site has 2 different language layers and I have 2 favorite lists in my account.

Let be 2 languages are English and Danish.

Let be 2 favorite lists are fav1 and fav2.

I added the products into fav1 on English site, please see image 'Fav1_English'.

When I checked my fav1 list on Danish site, the products are not shown. Please see the images 'mylist_Danish.jpg' and 'fav1 on Danish site.jpg'.

I have checked it with application version 9.6.13, 9.6.7 and 9.5.4. 


I would like to know why products are not shown on another language layer and can it be done by customization?

Can someone advise me?



Khaing May Thaw.


Fav1_English.jpg fav1_on_Danish_site.jpg mylist_Danish.jpg


Oleg Rodionov Dynamicweb Employee
Oleg Rodionov
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The issue is reproduced on solution based on last DW9.7.1 with Rapido 3.1.1 template set even product is actually translated to the other language. New TFS 70185 has been submitted, will be fixed in upcoming release. Thanks.

BR, Oleg QA 

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Olga Shedko Dynamicweb Employee
Olga Shedko

Hello again,

It will be fixed within TFS #70183 instead. Thank you.

Best regards,

Olga | QA




Khaing May Thaw Dynamicweb Employee
Khaing May Thaw

Hi Oleg and Olga,


Many thanks for your replies.

I will check with both.


Best Regards,
Khaing May Thaw.



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