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Customer center - order print

Rui Silva

Hi in version 9.4.18 we have some issues with the customer center module.

When the paragraph module settings are set for user id and the you are logged in to the system with a user that does not contain a customer number, you are able to see the confirmation/print order page of order from other users that also do not contain the customer number. I think it is ignoring the setting of the paragraph (file MyOrderRenderer.vb line 59 calling OrderManager.GetOrderForCurrentUser(orderId)) and the system is always validating if the customer number of the logged user is the same as in the order (the method referred previously always checks for userid and user customer number).

To reproduce you can use these steps:

  1. Settings of the paragraph:

  1. Users in test (two users with the empty customer number or the same customer number):



Since the paragraph settings is set to user only the order of the user should be able to be rendered.

I’ve tried the same test in a different solution in version 9.5.5 and it also happens.


Nicolai Pedersen
Nicolai Pedersen
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Thanks, I've added it to the backlog to get fixed.

BR Nicolai

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