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Gerard Kocks
Gerard Kocks


We received a (sort of) question from one of our customers.

For example: she is working in the CMS, making an E-mail or something, and takes a break for lunch or whatever.
After the break she returns and starts typing and working where she stopped. She CAN work further without problems, but at the moment she wants to save her changes she ends at the CMS login page and she lost all of her work after the break.

Is there a solution you have for recognising the CMS has timed out?
For example a notification like: 'if you want to go ahead log in to the CMS again'

Best regards


Nicolai Pedersen
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Gerard

Dynamicweb will try to keep the login alive for as long as the backend is open on an active computer. When the computer has been shut down/put to sleep and is waken up, you can be logged out - and that will usually trigger a login prompt as soon as you do something.

But if you are in a window typing in the editor, and the first thing you do after starting the PC again, you will be logged off. That can be avoided by setting the "Remember me" checkbox on the login screen.

Currently DW does not support to fire a new login and keeping the text in the editor.

BR Nicolai


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