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Can't add " @Translate " tag in Ecommerce Backend

Toe Tet Linn
Toe Tet Linn

Hello Sir,

I have trouble in adding @Translate(“TEXTKEY”, “Default Value”) at Ecommerce Backend. What I mean is that, I create customize template and use it at Ecommerce > Order > OrderNumber > Print . Then, I add @Translate(“TEXTKEY”, “Default Value”) in my code ( please refer to attach image ), but, it show error ( please refer to attach image ). I tried with another way, like that , @Translate(“TEXTKEY”, “Default Value”,"Culture Name"). It doesn't show error. But, in translation, I change the text and it doesn't affect ( please refer to attach image). Please advice and help me.



a_addcode.PNG b_showerror.PNG c_addculture.PNG d_fine.PNG e_addtranslate.PNG f_notwork.PNG


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi Toetet

No, that is not possible - there is no website language when printing in Dynamicweb, so it is not possible to swtich language. So in the print template, the Translate tag will not work since it cannot find a language to translate to.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

BR Nicolai

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Toe Tet Linn Dynamicweb Employee
Toe Tet Linn

Hello Nicolai

Thank you for your answer. smiley

Best Regards,



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