Swift 1.14.0 (Q2-2022)

Release date Sep 1st 2022

Dynamicweb proudly presents Swift 1.14.0 (Q2-2022) This introduce additional B2B functionalities to Swift, such as Quotes Other than that there has been a big focus on ways to decrease the implementation time. The main headlines for this release are:

Make the product assets and digital media assets available for download, which can help businesses to optimize their work process, by giving them a self-service website with downloadable product assets and media assets. 

Includes these areas:

  • Digital Assets: Possible to download media assets in different resolution that is not product related e.g. logo, employee images, guides, company events images 
  • Product Assets: A product list overview where it is possible to use filter to help users to find the right product
  • Product Detail: On the product detail page it is possible to download product assets for the chosen product
  • Download cart: It is possible to collect multiple products to the download cart 
  • My orders: Download product assets based on your orders in Customer center
  • Email: A link will be send to one or more email addresses, where a zip file can be downloaded

A Dynamicweb license is needed, in order to use the download functionality
Remember to run update script from 1500, in order to receive newest ProductExportMail.cshtml from Dynamicweb, which is needed for receiving a mail with a download link. On existing solution delete the old ProductExportMail.cshtml which is not viewmodel base.

  • Google announced that Google Analytics 3 (Universal) will no longer be supported July 1st 2023. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will take its place because of GDPR and Cookie issues in the current Google Analytics 3.
  • Swift is releasing GA4, where the ecommerce events are supported. This will enable you to see e.g. Monetisation on E-commerce purchases, Engagement events & conversions
  • GA4 gives you a more intelligent user privacy and tracking features, it gives users more intuitive and precise control over what personal data is collected, which is important to help your business comply with current and future privacy regulations.
  • With GA4 you can analyse your ecommerce website, by measuring traffic and engagement across your websites. You will get simplified goals and events setup, which was a complex set up before regarding transactional functions such checkouts.
  • Swift supports Debug view mode, enable the debug mode in website settings and you can debug real-time report that GA4 provides, track data immediately when testing on your website. (You need to be login in DW backend in order to use debug view mode for testing)


Product information and assets download
  • Make your product assets and product information visible and available for download. This is to help business optimize their work process for distributing their product assets and product information
  • User can browse and collect products needed in other systems and download data in various formats together with digital assets like photos, images, documents, and other files.
  • Product data can be exported in different**formats like CSV, XML and JSON.** Images can be delivered in different formats and resolutions depending on what they need to be used for.
  • (Digital Assets Portal functionality requires a Dynamicweb license)

Content search

  • Help visitors find what they are looking for on the website either products or content information. Content search can help visitors to quickly find new information about the company‚Äôs business e.g. through articles. 
  • Swift has product search, but now content search is also available. Content search can be used together with the product search or by itself e.g. if you have a website that does not include ecommerce.

Better responsive behaviour

  • Improve the visual presentation of your website on smaller devices.
  • Define how your content elements should be placed: stacked, side by side. 
  • Control spacing and padding and define which column what should be placed first.



Create & Manage users

  • Easier way for Sales representative to create & manage customers. A sales rep. has the opportunity to create and manage users in Customer center
  • This allows the Sales rep. to create new users in frontend, without logging in the backend administration. The sales rep. can get a list of customers that he/she has created and see an overview over who has accepted their invitation.
  • This is a strong functionality that can be used together with impersonation, when a sales rep. can create an order on-behalf of their customers.


Dynamicweb proudly presents Swift 1.10.0 (Q1-2022) This introduce additional B2B functionalities to Swift, such as Quotes Other than that there has been a big focus on ways to decrease the implementation time. The main headlines for this release are:


Google fonts

  • Google hosted fonts can be violating the EU privacy regulation in some EU countries, i.e. Germany, therefore Google font is now downloaded and served from the solution.

Alt text

  • Add Alt text for images on content elements. Alt text is used for visitors that are unable to see the images on the website, but uses tool such as screen readers

Heading level

  • SEO requires there should always be a < h1 > on a content page. Define heading level on the content elements by settings h-tags e.g.  < h1 > < h2 >. As default we set < h2 >


  • Schema.org helps the search engine to better understand the info that is on the website, to have a more rich search result. Schema.org has been added for articles , employee and block quotes elements


Dynamicweb proudly presents Swift 1.10.0 (Q1-2022) This introduce additional B2B functionalities to Swift, such as Quotes Other than that there has been a big focus on ways to decrease the implementation time. The main headlines for this release are:




  • Themes: Button link is added and can be used on the content elements
  • Themes: Accent colors is added. It is currently only supported for TextAdvanced content element (Support on the other content elements will come later)
  • Text and image: possible to add 2 buttons
  • Related products: Use Swiffy slider instead of tiny slider for related products slider
  • Product group slider: On the front page or other regular content page possible to use Product group as a slider to have an easier way to access and promote product groups.
  • TextAdvanced: New content element where you have advanced settings to control top/bottom, right/left padding, accent colors, font sizes for eyebrow, title and subtitle

Product detail

  • Optimization on how Product page is rendered to make breadcrumb work optimal
  • Possible to hide display group Title e.g. when using rich text for extra information

Product components

  • Quote button component: Possible to add directly to the quote cart from product detail page


  • Payment providers: ChargeLogic, Cybersource and EbizCharge


  • We no longer support the old Newsletter emails, instead use the improved Email concept.
  • The new Email concept will also include designing System email on Visual editor, but this is still under development. 


Figure 9.1 Swift 1.5 Bikeshop