Known bugs

Below you will find a list of Known bugs in Dynamicweb in the pipeline for being fixed for relevant releases/hot fixes for already released versions. Bugs will enter this list as soon as they are verified by the QA team. In general we aim at fixing all registered bugs for the upcoming release but certain bug fixes requires extensive testing which will push them to the next release.

Planned in indicates the package/branch the bug will be fixed in. This will either be in upcoming service release or a hotfix for an existing release. Bugs that are already fixed in our development environment for the upcoming releases can be found in the hotfix lists for the relevant version. 

Number of bugs currently in the pipeline: 8

ID Description Planned in
42807 Problem with 2 different Editor types in same Item
Dynamicweb9 - Content\Editor

Workaround: DonĀ“t use different editor types in same item
43678 Altapay -> Mobilepay option send 2 receipts
Dynamicweb9 - Ecommerce\Payment
44399 Files: Image settings - "Apply to subfolders" doesn't set rule to Active
Dynamicweb9 - Files

Workaround: Set Active manually on subfolders
44428 ?
Dynamicweb9 - Others\Template sets\Rapido
44511 In backend Item relation lists in list view fail to load contents of rich text fields
Dynamicweb9 - Content\Items
44684 yes
Dynamicweb9 - Others\Template sets\Rapido
44807 Error exception when too many gift-cards are created
Dynamicweb9 - Ecommerce\Gift cards
44814 Search weighted doesn't work with products
Dynamicweb9 - Platform\Searching\Search Weighted