Known bugs

Below you will find a list of Known bugs in Dynamicweb in the pipeline for being fixed for relevant releases/hot fixes for already released versions. Bugs will enter this list as soon as they are verified by the QA team. In general we aim at fixing all registered bugs for the upcoming release but certain bug fixes requires extensive testing which will push them to the next release.

Planned in indicates the package/branch the bug will be fixed in. This will either be in upcoming service release or a hotfix for an existing release. Bugs that are already fixed in our development environment for the upcoming releases can be found in the hotfix lists for the relevant version. 

Number of bugs currently in the pipeline: 12

ID Description Planned in
39564 Can't complete a payment with ChargeLogic. Nothing happens when I click Send in payment form.
Dynamicweb9 - Ecommerce\Payment\ChargeLogic
40132 Reset cannot be used in Send user details mail
Dynamicweb9 - Users
41048 Itemtypes not updated when xml itemtype file is updated
Dynamicweb9 - Content\Items
41726 Embedded Item lists has not modal view
Dynamicweb9 - Content\Items
42181 Can't select User Repository query as source for newsletter
Dynamicweb9 - Marketing\Email Marketing
42407 Remove save and new page buttons in rich text fields
Dynamicweb9 - Content\Editor
42572 Number of pages in Dashboard does not match number in solution Report
Dynamicweb9 - Others
42807 Problem with 2 different Editor types in same Item
Dynamicweb9 - Documentation

Workaround: DonĀ“t use different editor types in same item
43033 Error exception on sorting on some columns of order list
Dynamicweb9 - Ecommerce\Orders
43034 Posted on 05/12/2017 11:36:05
Hi there,

I'm experiencing apostrophes being duplicated when add a new address or edit addresses from frontend. Can anyone replicate this?
DW: 9.2.17.

Dynamicweb9 - Others\UI
43052 dwcontent id saved incorrectly for global elements
Dynamicweb9 - Content\Paragraphs
43160 User visit details empty
Dynamicweb9 - Users