Known bugs

Below you will find a list of Known bugs in Dynamicweb in the pipeline for being fixed for relevant releases/hot fixes for already released versions. Bugs will enter this list as soon as they are verified by the QA team. In general we aim at fixing all registered bugs for the upcoming release but certain bug fixes requires extensive testing which will push them to the next release.

Planned in indicates the package/branch the bug will be fixed or is fixed in. This will either be in upcoming service release or a hotfix for an existing release. Bugs that are already fixed in our development environment for the upcoming releases can also be found in the hotfix lists for the relevant version. Some bugs don't have a planned version either because they are just created or because they are not ready for the upcoming hotfix or service release.

Number of bugs currently in the pipeline: 13

ID Description State Planned in
74682 Item visible group setting fail on symbol and spaces
Dynamicweb9 - Content\Items
New Later
74654 PIM not showing the correct total quantity after removing products the queries
Dynamicweb9 - PIM
Not Done -
74484 We have the following issue when using the Item Publisher for Hindu culture website :
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Invalid collation 'Indic_General_90'.
Dynamicweb9 - Content\Websites
Done 9.7.6
74480 Indexing query on price > 0 returns 0 products
Dynamicweb9 - Platform\Searching\Indexing
Code review needed 9.7.6
74450 ShopId is not being used as it should meaning that products are fetched in a wrong way...
Dynamicweb9 - Ecommerce\Product Catalog
Done 9.8.0
74427 Lead tool link to page visited not working in DW9
Dynamicweb9 - Documentation
Not Done -
74388 Paging results in Leads does not work
Dynamicweb9 - Marketing\Leads
Not Done -
74360 When order bounces back into cart due to payment cancellation, or error, then live-calculated discounts are not reapplied.
Dynamicweb9 - Integration\Framework\Live
Done -
74344 JS error when trying to select target or confirmation page in Item creator app
Dynamicweb9 - Content\Item Creator
Done 9.7.6
74342 Not possible to save category field option sort order after having saved it on a secondary language
Dynamicweb9 - Ecommerce\Product Categories
Not Done -
74127 User Provider disregards manually set keys
Dynamicweb9 - Integration\Data Integration
Done 9.8.0
73970 News (V2) Saving changes to Custom field groups problem in AccessCustomGroupContext
Dynamicweb9 - Apps\News
Done 9.7.6
73863 x
Dynamicweb9 - PIM
Not Done -