Bug fixes for 9.3

Here you see all bug fixes for the current branch.

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Platform\Security - Technical

Introduce antispam for all forms, i.e. login forms etc.

BREAKING Change: If create user and edit user templates do not include the tag "UserManagement:User.FormStart" it will be caught by the antispam feature. To work around it, use the tag or include the UserManagement:User.FormHidden tag insde the custom form. This feature need to be enabled in MC->Web&Http->Security to take affect

Release: 9.3.0

Platform\Performance - Technical

Refactoring of index in pageservice

IPageRepository has breaking changes Delete: Now only deletes the specified page. It will no longer calculate children and also delete them. Use PageService for this logic. DeleteAll (New): Deletes pages matching the specified page ids. Use PageService if a PageTree of ids need to be used for deletion.

Release: 9.3.0

Cleanup and refac\Performance - Technical

Internal item cache

Internal caching of Items has been changed to always true. Caching has been changed to use Dynamicweb Caching API.

Release: 9.3.0

Platform\Performance - Technical

Mark all content repositories as protected

Contains breaking changes to all repositories in Dynamicweb.Content.Data. They have all been hidden as protected, to avoid external coupling.

Release: 9.3.0

Platform\Performance - Technical

Remove dependency for Caching and Configuration from Extensibility

Removed dependencies from Extensibility Correct usage of the property AllowAddins now require version Dynamicweb 9.2.16 or greater to work. Otherwise the property is ignored and addins are always allowed.

Release: 9.3.0

Apps\Forum - Upgrade

Disable posting in forum module for anonymous users

Anoymous posting to the forum module has been disabled for security reasons. From now on an extranet session is required to post. Templates will need adjusting, new default templates are included

Release: 9.3.0

This is an autogenerated list of bug fixes and improvements contained in each version of Dynamicweb. If this is an active branch, the most recent version may be unreleased

Version: 9.3.13

6 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
44601 Bug System.NullReferenceException on click on "Edit products" has been fixed Ecommerce
45139 Bug Date selectors open behind list item frame no longer Content - Items
45145 Bug changed the way how payment request creating base on the order. Ecommerce - Payment\PayPal Express
45390 Bug Make dashboard lists widgets work for onclick Platform - Dashboard
45493 Bug no Ecommerce
45574 Bug Copy website can fail when it contains deprecated item field type - ItemList has been fixed Content - Websites

Version: 9.3.12

5 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
44387 Bug GetImage: Changes for crop=5 behaviour have been reverted. For 9.3.10 cropmode 5 behaviour add fillcanvas=true to your query string Ecommerce - Getimage
44391 Bug Getimage has problems with donotupscale and other related issues. Ecommerce - Getimage
44814 Bug Search weighted doesn't work with products no longer Platform - Searching\Search Weighted
44987 Bug When using ARR server, the X-FORWARDED-FOR is now read correctly by Dynamicweb, causing the ARR external IP to get banned. Platform - Security
45082 Bug no Files - Permissions

Version: 9.3.11

11 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
39564 Bug fixed issue when ChargeLogic payment provider Can't complete a payment Ecommerce - Payment\ChargeLogic
41726 Bug Embedded Item lists now has modal view Content - Items
42769 Bug fixed situation when Item publisher in select specific items mode only works with one item Content - Item Publisher
43671 Improvement Anchor tag replacement has been deprecated. If you need to reenable it (you don't) add a


key to your globalsettings (again: don't)
Platform - Performance
43679 Improvement The limit on direct paths has been removed. This doesn't change though that if you ever need more than 20 you're doing something wrong Settings - Direct paths
44042 Bug UserProvider: UpdateUserAddresses add delete relations that do not match user ids Integration - Data Integration
44153 Improvement New settings in Settings -> Ecommerce -> General: "Do not store default fields" and "Do not analyze default fields". If set default fields (schema extender fields) will not be stored / analyzed. This can also be set on the index build in Repositories Platform - Searching\Indexing
44235 Bug GetLoop("RelatedProducts") now changes the selected variant (Ecom:VariantOption.Selected) and the rendered variant Ecommerce - Variants
44252 Improvement Solutions with domain names containing dynamicweb-cms are now recognized as staging domains Platform - Customized URLs
44378 Bug PIM Export window performance has been improved. PIM - Export and import data
44425 Bug no Content

Version: 9.3.10

21 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
38598 Improvement ??? Cleanup and refac - API Refactoring
40867 Bug Items as global elements no longer output to same dwcontent Content - Items
40871 Bug Product Field type Date Time not able to set "Never" no longer Ecommerce - Product Fields
41048 Bug Itemtypes not updated when xml itemtype file is updated no longer Content - Items
41130 Bug Paragraph title in Link&LinkToItem interface not shown no longer Content - Items
42078 Bug All products view wrong output on custom fields no longer Ecommerce - Fields
42181 Bug fix bug: Can't select User Repository query as source for newsletter Marketing - Email Marketing
42278 Bug Order Discount with Valid to "never" does not work no longer Ecommerce - Order discounts
42291 Improvement Implemented scheduled task copy function Settings - Scheduled tasks
42303 Bug Configurable addin with DateTimeParameterEditor not working as expected no longer Integration
42321 Improvement Missing list types have been added to Files metadata fieldtypes. Files
42407 Bug Save and new page buttons in rich text fields have been removed (requires deleting default configs in /system/editor/ckeditor/config and rerunning update script) Content - Editor
42459 Bug Not possible to add orderline fields to a shop from Ecommerce -> Edit shop no longer Ecommerce - Order Line Fields
42759 Improvement Removed un-needed dates from the log Integration - D365
43034 Bug suppress apostrophes dublication Others - UI
43052 Bug dwcontent id no longer parsed incorrectly for global elements Content - Paragraphs
43087 Bug Wrong icons on field option sort no longer Apps - Forms for editors
43133 Improvement New notifcation Standard.Frontend.OnDuplicateUrl added to allow better control over duplicated urls see -https://doc.dynamicweb.com/api/html/ed5c009f-6c86-d072-caac-8b1915ea5867.htm Platform - Customized URLs
43153 Bug Error when searching for numbers in external id field in Users no longer Users
43157 Improvement File fields in code first item now have more options - see https://doc.dynamicweb.com/api/html/d6a14638-4580-a1c9-3328-09ce262762f1.htm Platform - API
43377 Bug Knownicons in Settings -> Developer restored Settings

Version: 9.3.9

12 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
30232 Improvement New checkoutHandler for AltaPay Ecommerce - Payment
40058 Improvement New option on validation groups "Disable validation if alle fields are empty"
If it is selected and all validation fields from that group are empty - no validation errors are shown
Ecommerce - Validation groups
40180 Bug Exception when changing item type on a page no longer Content - Items
42281 Improvement PIM node is moved to top level in Settings. PIM - Product Edit mode
42372 Bug Item Type Field settings: incorrect sorting in Options icon position dropdown Settings
42429 Improvement Settings -> Ecommerce -> Orders -> Quote Flows -> Edit quote state
New checkbox: Allow edit

When set quote carts can be manipulated in frontend before submitting
Ecommerce - Quotes
42476 Bug Values in options on list item field types are encoded when saved to allow some types of data. That on the other hand introduces issues when searching. Introduce a new option to support both things. Content - Items
42669 Bug Backend sort order of global elements can no longer change after viewing in frontend Content - Paragraphs
42865 Bug Ecom product and group selector "View more" option fails no longer Ecommerce - Product Catalog
42868 Bug Productsandgrouphandler can no longer cause a NullReferenceException in the navigation in very rare occasions Platform - API
43013 Bug Product Categories can no longer be saved in PIM more than once - even with really shitty naming Ecommerce - PIM
43160 Bug no Users

Version: 9.3.8

4 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
40500 Bug Sort order of navigation top product groups now follows the one of product catalog Ecommerce
42141 Improvement Implement a new setting that will not delete the cart (order object) if there are no orderlines. Ecommerce - Shopping Cart
42159 Bug Shop dropdrown missing in Ecom provider Integration - Data Integration
42184 Bug ProductsAndGroupsEditor now works when it is used in Query expression editor Platform - API

Version: 9.3.7

15 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
40680 Bug Bought date assigned not saved no longer Ecommerce - Customer Center
41094 Improvement Live integration Security key field is now a password field Integration - D365
41176 Improvement LessCompiler is now able to add both the Google Font Family and Weight to the less variables Content
41216 Bug Drag and drop item sorting broken 9.3.5+ with latest Chrome has been fixed Others
41277 Bug Bought date not applied no longer Ecommerce - Customer Center
41359 Bug Custom Order Field of type DateTime no longer lose value after order frontend submits Ecommerce - Order Fields
41422 Improvement Rebuilding assortments has been greatly optimized. In extreme cases by factor 2500 Ecommerce - Assortments
41466 Improvement Item fields of type checkbox list are dynamically indexed to the proper data type Platform - Searching\Indexing
41555 Improvement New tags:
Ecommerce - RMA
41646 Bug Export Orders broken not longer Integration
41674 Bug Paragraphs with an itemtype name larger than 25 characters no longer causes ParagraphEdit.aspx to fail Content - Paragraphs
41684 Bug Callback process fails on ExportOrderXML not longer Ecommerce - Payment
41739 Bug If your Product Category starts with 'P_' it will now show the facet in frontend Platform - Searching\Indexing
41875 Bug Content index builder no longer fails with exception, if a page contain item fields of type Dynamicweb.Imaging.Colors.Color Platform - Searching\Indexing
41955 Improvement New generated field added to ProductSchemaExtender: Group Count. Contains info on how many groups a product is a member of Ecommerce - Product Search

Version: 9.3.6

20 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
34733 Improvement New tags in the Products loop.

Similar tags to Ecom:Product.LinkGroup.*. The new Ecom:Product.VariantLinkGroup.* tags contains variantID.
Ecommerce - PIM
39126 Bug Not possible to link from https to non-https site has been fixed Content
40365 Improvement New tags in UserManagement:User.UserAddresses loop: UserManagement:User.UserAddress.SelectedAddressID and UserManagement:User.UserAddress.Selected. Users - Addresses
40438 Bug Bug with NewsV2 custom fields has been fixed Apps - News
40447 Bug Table names are now loaded in existing data integration jobs in Firefox Integration - Data Integration
40456 Bug Return orders amount mix up VAT has been fixed Ecommerce - Order Flows
40575 Bug Draft mode publishes changes immediately no longer Content - Draft and Workflows
40859 Bug OrderSourcReader.cs - LoadReader may get of sync with actual database content Integration - Data Integration
40878 Bug The 'HandleInheritedCategoryValues' index builder setting works again Platform - Searching\Indexing
40940 Improvement Post Denmark: New "IsSelected" template tag Ecommerce - Shipping\GLS
40940 Improvement GLS: Added "IsSelected" template tag Ecommerce - Shipping\GLS
40941 Improvement Unifaun: New "IsSelected" template tag Ecommerce - Shipping\Unifaun
40941 Improvement Unifaun: Added "IsSelected" template tag Ecommerce - Shipping\Unifaun
40942 Improvement Post Denmark: New "IsSelected" template tag Ecommerce - Shipping\Post Danmark ServicePoint
40942 Improvement Post Denmark: Added "IsSelected" template tag Ecommerce - Shipping\Post Danmark ServicePoint
41000 Bug Control panel -> News -> Autoarchiving checkbox state now saved Apps - News
41024 Improvement MediaBrowserProvider has been reimplemented Platform - API
41135 Improvement New Ecom:Order.Delivery.isPickupPoint tag that returns true if PickupPoint/ParcelShop is used. Ecommerce - Shipping
41212 Improvement # and data: urls in inline css in layout file are no longer parsed Platform - Templates\Designs and Layouts
41245 Bug You no longer receive an error saying upgrading package requires an higher license, when trying to upgrade a package Platform - Packages

Version: 9.3.5

16 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
39066 Bug Underscores in Value of a ProductCategoryFieldOption are now indexed correctly. Platform - Searching\Indexing
39462 Bug Paragraph permissions no longer behave differently than they did in DW8 Content - Permissions
39463 Bug Calculation of pages for license purposes is no longer broken Platform - License
39466 Bug Inserting TemplateTags in Item Creator template no longer causes error Content - Item Creator
39524 Improvement Added a public method on context to remove carts Platform - API
39557 Bug Gallery app in pdf mode now has a browse button Apps - Gallery
39880 Bug "Download vouchers in CSV" works again Ecommerce - Vouchers
40015 Bug Default templates for Integration Customer Cente have been update. Delete existing and run update script Integration - Integration Customer Center
40039 Bug Fix error exception on user creating in checkout when date/datetime custom fields exists Users
40133 Bug Latest Orders SortOrder query param inverted no longer Ecommerce - Customer Center
40134 Bug Item creator checkboxes do not save state no longer Content - Item Creator
40247 Bug When a product name contains a quote it will not show up correctly in PIM Multi edit no longer PIM - Product Edit mode
40323 Bug When using the itemprovider, the checkbox "Delete page, paragraph associated with missing items" does not delete pages Integration - Data Integration
40324 Bug Importing items through the item provider have an effect on the loop "GetLoop("Languages")" when accessing the "New item root page" Integration - Data Integration
40339 Bug Error when importing assortments EcomAssortmentGroupRelations where some GroupID's doesn't exist in EcomGroups has been fixed Ecommerce
40362 Bug Batch Integration Scheduled Task disappearing Integration - Framework\Batch

Version: 9.3.4

2 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
38534 Improvement Override default parameters feature from product catalog has been implemented in Query Publisher Content - Item Publisher
39780 Bug Fixed api Ecommerce - Groups

Version: 9.3.3

9 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
37600 Improvement Creation of ViewModel describing OrderLines for a cart. Platform - Templates\View models
38246 Bug Problems with shortcut redirects between websites with primary domains Platform - API
39214 Bug Paging in Variants no longer disappears Ecommerce - Variants
39248 Bug Orphaned products (no group relation) are now displayed in administration Ecommerce - Product Catalog
39332 Improvement Files with the extensioins: ".config", ".query", ".index", ".facets", ".info" can now be right clicked and edited. Files
39364 Improvement GetRawValue is now public Platform - Templates\Razor
39396 Bug ABCPdf no longer referenced wrongly Platform - Packages
39507 Bug Fedex shipping fee is now transferred to PayPal Ecommerce - Shipping\FedEx
39728 Bug When searching for vat number on customers that have vat numbers with strings, an exception no longer occurs Users

Version: 9.3.2

19 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
31230 Bug Forms for Editors Form sorting doesn't work no longer Apps - Forms for editors
37881 Bug Fix Forms for editors multiple files upload Apps - Forms for editors
38210 Bug Custom product fields are now available in bulk edit on all languages. Ecommerce
38240 Improvement Added more informative error message when a index is not available when saving a query. Ecommerce - PIM
38382 Bug You are now returned to user details when closing order details viewed on a user. Cleanup and refac - UI Rework
38387 Bug Paging in Settings -> Web & Http -> Host headers doesn't work no longer Settings - Host headers
38404 Bug Date selectors in Ecom statistics work again Ecommerce - Statistics
38488 Bug Content tree context menu no longer gets cut off if you have only one or two pages Cleanup and refac - UI Rework
38527 Bug Exception when there are no items in itemrelation lists no longer Content - Items
38607 Improvement Added PartialUpdate functionality from Dynamicweb to Ecom provider. Integration - Data Integration
38961 Bug Bug in GetAreaAndPageNameByUrl fixed Platform - API
39025 Bug Sales Discount Voucher flow now works again Ecommerce - Sales Discounts
39086 Bug Paragraph sorting no longer fails after first sort in Firefox Content - Browser version issues
39088 Improvement Ads a handler to /public that allows for version reporting Platform
39153 Bug Deactivated website is no longer activated on login if it is sorted first Content - Websites
39154 Improvement Logfiles are now sorted newest first Settings - Logs
39196 Improvement New notifications for area:
- OnBeforeSave
- OnSaved
- OnBeforeDelete
- OnAfterDelete
Content - Websites
39226 Improvement New property on paragraph view model: IsNewGridRow

Also available as tag for non view model use: ParagraphIsNewGridRow
Platform - Templates\View models
39233 Bug Forms module renders inactive fields in receipts Apps - Forms for editors

Version: 9.3.1

1 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
37760 Improvement new loop ItemPublisher:ItemType.Field.Options (to be consistent with loop for items: ItemPublisher:Item.Field.Options)

@foreach (LoopItem caseItem in GetLoop("ItemPublisher:ItemType.Fields"))
if (caseItem.GetString("ItemPublisher:ItemType.Field.Name") == "Solution type")
foreach (LoopItem caseOption in caseItem.GetLoop("ItemPublisher:ItemType.Field.Options"))
Content - Item Publisher

Version: 9.3.0

48 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
29867 Bug News:Date tag could show minutes instead month (wrong date format mm->MM) Apps - News
30053 Bug Too many redirects when exact url for this page starts with a capital letter has been fixed Settings - Customized URLSs
30589 Bug Ecom group navigation drag-drop on pages now works. Ecommerce - Product Catalog
30618 Bug "Only use order discounts" checkbox now hides the Sales discount node from the Ecommerce tree. Settings
30619 Bug Fixed casing problem for the EcomProductRelated columns in EcomProvider Integration - Data Integration
30649 Bug News item preview is removed. Obsolete functionality that was used for this was removed in DW9.0. Apps - News
30757 Bug Solves the problem with duplicate entries in cookies (VisitorSessionID, VisitorDynamics). Platform - Statistics
30779 Bug Use in URL does now works in DW9 Content - Pages
30920 Bug Fixed an issue in double inheritance of ItemRelationList. Content - Items
30928 Bug Problem with SQL in multi lines after upgrade of code mirror has been fixed Settings
30951 Bug Cleaned up Setting for extra Assortments nodes Settings
30991 Bug Bug in FloatingPointNumberParameterEditor and IntegerNumberParameterEditor fixed Integration - Framework\Batch
31046 Bug Parse=true occasionally throws error no longer Platform - Templates\Razor
31102 Bug Files Text editor Save as lacks browse button when launched from /Templates no longer Files
31167 Bug When using “DoNotUpscale=true” in an image call, the resize parameters are no longer ignored Platform
31181 Bug Record related to item type not removed with deleted content no longer Content - Items
31196 Bug Website app permissions behave differently in DW9 vs DW8 no longer Content - Websites
31393 Bug Frontend fails if 2 websites share domain and one is inactive no longer Content - Websites
31563 Bug Not possible to set a navigation tag for a page when Ecom is not installed no longer Content
31932 Bug When you right-click a scheduled task in the list in the backend and choose Log, you no longer get the logs for another task Integration - Framework
32170 Bug Changing website item settings now updates website last edited time Content - Websites
32187 Bug Item Relation list items need to be enabled for Paragraph no longer Content - Items
32739 Bug Publication period indicator breaks backend product list no longer Ecommerce - Products
32758 Bug Shortcut icons not matched no longer Content
33029 Bug Anchor tags link to the domain instead of page Content
33034 Bug Lead management filter by website doesn't list website if permissions are set on it no longer Content - Websites
33267 Bug Page shortcut to external link with query parameters no longer fail Platform
33643 Bug If a page goes out of publishing and it is the first in the website, it will no longer be used as frontpage. Content
34075 Bug Selected Images are now loaded when opening a variant in Edit variant group Ecommerce - Variants
34126 Bug Customer center paging and menu text textboxes are no longer only shown in Text and Image mode Ecommerce - Customer Center
34223 Bug Edit layout no longer breaks for items with ItemRelationList fields with a lot of fields if you have a modern browser Cleanup and refac - UI Rework
35134 Bug Translations now saved if website design name contains a - character Platform - Templates\Translate
35140 Bug Item Relation List elements sort order now correctly saved. Remember to clear browser cache Content - Items
35326 Bug Unpublished items listed with item publisher no longer Content - Item Publisher
35599 Bug Add Job poperty to the Integrations.JobFinished notification subscriber args Integration - Data Integration
35852 Bug Fix smart search query for "Never" option Users - Smart searches
35973 Bug Not possible to clear date item fields no longer Content - Items
36062 Bug Fix deleting logs Platform
36148 Bug Handled null check correctly
36226 Bug GetCurrentUser() now again returns backend or frontend user based upon url. Integration - Framework\Live
36355 Bug Smartsearch "Is not empty" missing Users - Smart searches
36388 Bug Detach Global elements works again Content - Paragraphs
36562 Bug Show browse button on custom user field of type File Files
36563 Bug Saving paragraph title is now case sensitive Content - Paragraphs
36769 Bug Fix ItemProvider ignores empty values when updating existing items Integration - Data Integration
37023 Bug ItemRelationList no longer has value of 0 in link until save Content - Items
37413 Bug Submit.MailText tag always empty no longer Apps - Forms for editors
37724 Bug Templates can no longer be edited when template folder is locked Platform - Templates