Rapido 1.0 BETA2

Released December 12th 2017

Rapido 1.0 BETA2 has been released, with a number of important improvements and new features, as well as a wealth of minor improvements based on early adopter feedback.

The headlines are:

  • The mini cart and checkout flow has been improved with a better user flow, input validation feedback, and much faster rendering of products in the cart. The cart layout has been made more responsive and robust. Saved Cards are now supported, as are Parcel Shops, with a standard template for GLS included.
  • The layout and design now supports rendering level 1 product groups in the website navigation menu. An improved Google Font selector has been implemented, and margins and spacing has been revisited for a more consistent and pleasing user experience.
  • The Platform now supports you adding custom website settings to complement the suite of configuration options delivered by us. Custom settings will not be touched during an upgrade, whereas our out-of-the-box options are continually developed. The generation of less files end the dw-mod concept have been optimized.

In addition, a concentrated effort has gone into improving performance and behavior on browsers like Edge, Internet Explorer and mobile Safari.

Finally, more than 200 bugs have been fixed.