Wrap is an advanced starting point for developing solutions in Dynamicweb.

Support and requests for 'bug' fixes can be obtained in the Templates forum.

Headlines for the Wrap 9 release of June 2017:

  • Removed references to Template compability pack
  • Various page ID’s are now managed in Website settings
  • Possible to enable Shipping, Payment, Vouchers, Giftcards, Recurring orders in Website Settings
  • Type-ahead search using index in Repositories
  • New product list views
  • Search for orders in Customer Center
  • Multiple favorite lists in Customer Center
  • Grouping products in favorite lists by product categories
  • Select user addresses in Shopping cart
  • Comment field in Shopping cart
  • Save credit cards in Shopping cart and list them Customer Center
  • Password recovery
  • Quotes
  • Impersonation
  • Added Razor templates for Shipping Providers
  • Removed unused item types and added templates for existing item types
  • Optimized for latest browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer) at Windows 10 and the following tablets/phones: iPad Air 2 (Safari), Galaxy S5 (Chrome), Iphone 8S (Safari)
  • Wrap9 is optimized for DW version 9.2.15+

In this release the main focus has been code optimizing, bug fixes and clean up in templates and css. 

Download Wrap DW9 below (you have to log in)