Integration Downloads

In this section you can download files and applications related to integrating Dynamicweb with various remote systems.

  • Code units
  • Connector Service & test tool
  • Live Integration dlls
  • Files for interating with other systems, e.g. Perfion or Raptor

Please see the integration documentation for instructions on how to use these ressources.

Plugins - also often called codeunits in Dynamics NAV - are active components installed on a remote system. They are used to extract data from the remote system, transform the data to a format understood by Dynamicweb, and then returns it.

 File name Size   Date
Integration v1 - 915 KB 01/09/2016
Integration v1 - 248 KB 18/02/2019
Integration v2 - AX2012 (2.0.0.BETA).zip 452 KB 02/02/2018
Integration v2 - Dynamics365 (2.0.0.BETA).zip 2751 KB 01/02/2018

The Dynamicweb Connector Service is a tool which functions as the bridge between the Dynamicweb solution and the ERP system. It is typically installed on the DMZ/Perimeter network of your environment, and handles data encryption and decryption – and functions as an extensibility point when developing custom integrations.

The connector is supplemented by the Dynamicweb Connector TestTool, which is used to test connectivity between the components of an integration and to test requests/responses from remote systems.

Live Integration is an extension of a batch integration, which makes it possible to make real-time requests for data to the remote system. This makes it possible to render e.g. live or customer-specific prices, live stock levels, or to have an order total calculated in the remote system and returned.

In addition to ERP systems, Dynamicweb integrates with a variety of other systems which often form a part of an organization's IT infrastructure.

 File name Size   Date
CRM Online 524 KB 21/03/2017
Dynamicweb_Dynamicweb D365BC integration 37 KB 13/05/2019 13 KB 26/04/2017
PerfionExample.xslt 15 KB 01/09/2016 60 KB 18/07/2017