Bug fixes for 9.1

Here you see all bug fixes for the current branch.

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This is an autogenerated list of bug fixes and improvements contained in each version of Dynamicweb. If this is an active branch, the most recent version may be unreleased

Version: 9.1.7

1 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
29885 Bug "Redirect after unsubscribe" is now saved in Email Marketing Marketing - Email Marketing

Version: 9.1.5

4 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
27635 Bug /sitemap.xml is encoding wrong in DW9. Using UrlEncode instead of UrlPathEncode Content
28974 Bug Item creator form save events checkbox states are now saved Content - Item Creator
28978 Bug Error when saving website settings when you do not have the Websites module installed has been fixed Content - Websites
29596 Bug When toggle Active/Inactive on paragraphs an exception no longer occurs. Content - Paragraphs

Version: 9.1.4

12 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
26369 Improvement Changes in UI to show the setttings the builder supports with default values as placeholder attribute information on the value column. Platform - Searching\Indexing
27498 Bug Fixed a bug where Pop up would appear in forum in some browsers. Apps - Forum
28027 Bug Forms for Editors paragraph settings text fields now saved Apps - Forms for editors
28132 Bug It is now possible to create a new RMA. Ecommerce - RMA
28231 Bug Item field of type ItemRelationList can now list all items Content - Items
28249 Bug Fixed a bug where Image path in frontend could be wrong Files
28309 Bug Hide Packages section in Settings for non-angel users Platform - Packages
28501 Bug When the CurrentParagraph property on PageView is accessed it is always null. Content - Paragraphs
28580 Improvement Renaming of numerous methods and properties. Non-breaking Platform - API
28829 Bug When creating a new activity SqlViewProvider is now present in the drop-down for Source Integration - Data Integration
28898 Bug Update SEO Express popup messages Content - SEO Express
28945 Bug Ability to add new field works properly in Data lists/Forms( For Data lists) module. Apps - Data Lists

Version: 9.1.3

3 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
26314 Bug Now possible to copy item paragraphs Content - Items
27700 Bug Quickpay fixed Ecommerce - Payment\QuickPay Payment Window
27910 Bug Leads are no longer causing timeout. Marketing - Leads

Version: 9.1.1

3 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
26575 Improvement UI changes. Cleanup and refac - UI Rework
27457 Bug Now again possible to add option to an itemfield dropdown without icon. Content - Items
27458 Bug Now again possible to edit items containing a dropdown. Content - Items