JSON Provider

The JSON Provider is a provider which lets you import and export files in the .json format – a very popular alternative to XML.

When used as a source provider the following settings are available (Figure 2.1):

Figure 2.1 JSON Provider

Basically, you must:

  • Select a source folder or a source file
  • Decide whether the import file(s) should be deleted after import

If a source folder is selected, 1 file = 1 table.

When used as a destination provider, the following settings are available (Figure 3.1).

Figure 3.1 Destination provider

Basically, you can specify a destination file and destination folder and decide if a timestamp should be included in the file name – and that’s it!

When used as a source, the tables/columns depend on the input file that you provide. Missing columns in the input maps to NULL.

When used as a destination, the tables/columns to be generated are defined during mapping