Import Perfion Images Add-in

The import data with paging add-in (Figure 1.1) Retrieves image data from a Perfion solution by querying the Perfion API Service.

The add-in parameters are:

Parameter name



Dynamicweb web service URL


Enter the URL to the DW Connector webservice

Security key

A string

The secret key required by the DW Connector webservice

Perfion image server URL


Enter the URL to the Perfion image server

Destination folder

A folder

Specify which folder the the imported images should be placed in

XSL file

An XSL file

Select an XSLT template file to transform the Perfion XML data to a format understood by Dynamicweb

Perfion query to get images names

A Perfion query

Define the Perfion query used to retrieve the image names

Image format

An image format

Select an image format to change the format of the imported images

Image size

An image size

Define the size to change the size of the imported images 

Image dpi

Image resolution

Set the resolution for the imported images. Cannot be combined with the image size or image fit parameters.

Image fit

An image fit method

Choose with method should be used to fulfill the image size parameter for the imported images.

Log all requests and responses True/false

Logs all requests and responses – this is useful when debugging

The notification parameters are used to send a notification email to one or more email addresses whenever the batch job is run – you can use the Only on failure setting to only send an email if the job fails.

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