EBizCharge is an American payment service provider (PSP) which integrates with various ERP, CRM and accounting systems – offering out-of-the-box credit and debit card payment, email reminders, automated payment collection, and so on.

You can read more about EBizCharge here:

To set up an EBizCharge payment method you need an EBizCharge account – contact them to arrange this or to obtain a test account. Once you have a live or test account you need to retrieve 3 keys:

  • An API SecurityId
  • An API user name
  • An API password

When you have these, you can configure the checkout handler:

  • Go to Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Payments and create a new payment method
  • Select the EBizCharge checkout handler
  • Fill in the parameters section (Figure 1.1)
Figure 1.1 The EBizCharge checkout handler

For a basic configuration supply the API SecurityId, API username, and API password you got from EBizCharge. This allows Dynamicweb to connect with the EBizCharge Gateway – but you also have access to additional settings:


What it does


Use customer number to create/retrieve EBiz customer instead of user id


Useful if EBizCharge account is a shared account

Update user saved cards up-to-date on every order



Payment transaction type

Sets the EBizCharge transaction type

Sale = authorize AND capture
Auth Only = only authorize payment

Error template

Sets the template which is shown if an error occurs during checkout.


EBizCharge supplies a list of test cards for use in the sandbox environment.