Customer Experience Center

The Customer Experience Center is a frontend app for rendering Ecommerce data related to a particular user in frontend – as such, it is a faster and more streamlined parallel to the older Customer Center app.

It is exclusively made for ViewModel templates, and currently the following types of data can be rendered:

  • Carts
  • Orders
  • Quotes
  • Ledger entries
  • Recurring orders

To use the app, add it to a paragraph as per usual – and then use the app settings (Figure 1.1) to configure the behavior.

Figure 1.1 The app settings for the Customer Experience Center

Basically you must:

  • Select an order type
  • Select a way to retrieve orders:
    • User id – the unique id for the logged in user
    • Customer number – a standard user field which can have the same value across users, e.g. if several users are purchasers for the same company
    • Own orders and order made by users that current user can impersonate – what it says on the tin
  • Configure the list settings:
    • Orders per page
    • Sort by field
    • Sort direction
  • Select the templates used to render the module output:
    • List – this template is used to render the list of e.g. orders
    • Detail – this template is used to render e.g. order details when an item in a list is clicked. It is loaded when the url parameter OrderId is supplied with e.g. an order or cart id.
    • Email – not currently used

Please keep in mind that the Customer Experience Center has been developed exclusively for ViewModel templates, template tags are not supported.