Dropdown list

The Dropdown list item type is another item that is useful in many different scenarios. It renders a dropdown, as the name states, and the user can then pick one of the different options.

Figure 1.1 Field settings

The parameters have the following uses:

Parameter Function Comment
Options label position Change position of the label relative to the icon  
Options label width Change width of the options dropdown In px
Options icon max width   In px
Options icon max height   In px
Encode values Encode list values Checked by default for compatibility reasons, but we recommend that you do not encode list values, as this makes it difficult to index and search for or facet on them
Do not include 'nothing selected' option Remove default Nothing selected value in the dropdown and preselect the first list option  

The icon file you wish to use can be added with the source type settings.

NOTE: The parameter settings only apply when using the static source type.