Checkbox list

The Checkbox list is an item type that can be utilized for many different purposes. It renders a list of checkboxes which fields and values are retrived from one of three different source types (see original Item fields article for more information).

Figure 1.1 Parameters

The parameters have the following uses:

Parameter Function Comment
Options label position Change position of the label relative to the icon  
Options icon position Select the number of options per row (1-10) The icon file you wish to use can be added with the source type settings
Options icon max width   In px
Options icon max height   In px
Encode values Encode list values Checked by default for compatibility reasons, but we recommend that you do not encode list values, as this makes it difficult to index and search for or facet on them
Allow options sorting Sort the list options when using the item type The sort ID of any checked boxes will be available in fronted, which makes it possible to react to it in templates. This is primarily useful for website or page settings

NOTE: The parameter settings only apply when using the static source type.